How much does it cost?
The Connection Fee is $250.00. Ongoing fortnightly payments are $89.50 until you say Stop!

What does my Connection Fee pay for?
Your connection fee covers the cost of your initial consultation(s) and also medication, delivery and pharmacy costs. In addition to this, if you require to speak with the doctor again, your covered.

What does my Fortnightly Fee cover?
The fortnightly fee covers everything you need so you can remain focused on the task, Sex. Re-order your medicine when running low, and speak with your prescribing Viamed Australia Doctor if the need arises. There are No additional or further costs outside of this charge.

Do we offer any discounts?
Former serving military and current Australian Police Force members receive 10% discount on sign up fee. Proof of membership required. Please state upfront if you are included in this category.

Can you change your mind? – Yes!
Using your safety guarantee.

What is a safety guarantee period?
Safety period represents the first 3 days from purchase. During this time, you can request a refund. Only the cost of the consultation ($100) will be deducted, all other fees accrued waived.

When does your agreement start?
Following your consultation with your Viamed Australia doctor, you will be asked if you would like to proceed.

How can you cancel your agreement?
Easily. You can ask to cancel your subscription by either of the following methods;
• Phoning us on 1300 842 633
• Emailing us



Can you talk to the doctor?
Yes, proper  care involves a good client-doctor relationship. The same doctor will be available to you as long as your program is active where possible.

How do you re-order medicine?
Re-ordering your medicine is simple, email from the address on file, or phone direct on 1300842633.

All shipping costs are included. Medication is delivered by secure courier services Australia wide. Initial delivery expect 7 working days. Subsequent reorder / repeats 1 – 3 working days depending on location. More useful information, including reordering and consultation scheduling information, can be found in the insert within your package.

How can you protect your health?
Your doctor will not always be with you, so the responsibility rests with the user of medicine to do it conscientiously. All medicines come with detailed instructions and these should be studied prior to use. Any questions about this can be addressed to your treating doctor.

How old do you have to be?
The minimum age for treatment is 21. The doctors working at Viamed Australia made the decision based upon ethics, to limit treatment to men 21 and over.  The primary reason for this being that until this age, and in regard to sexual performance, both physical and psychological development remains incomplete.

Do we have a privacy policy?
Yes, we sure do. See here

How can you give us feed back?
Feedback is welcome. It can be submitted privately through email to (info at viamed dot com dot au). Please enter “feedback” into the subject field. Alternatively, feedback can also be given directly to your consultant or physician.