Viamed Australia Premature Ejaculation Treatment Clinic was launched in 2011 with the pay as you go option as the centrepiece. It was clear to us that men had experienced a substandard service nationally for some time. Affordable premature ejaculation treatment was lacking in Australia. The pay as you go option appeals to men, giving them the freedom to opt out anytime, when they feel they are ready to do so. The ongoing fee is paid fortnightly, and comes in at just under $90. A full breakdown of costs and service can be found here.  We hope that you will enjoy great sex and the investment will steer you in an ongoing better sexual direction – medication free naturally.

To get back on course, medication can be used to fast track success*. Chat with a Viamed Australia facilitator if you have any questions or wish to proceed.

*Suitability is determined by a doctor on an individual basis.