Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Between 23% – 25% of men will experience chronic premature ejaculation (PE) at some point in their lives. With so many men (and their partners) inconvenienced by this, it doesn’t surprise anybody that the pharmaceutical industry is making both investment, and advances, in this area. Unfortunately, more products than ever can be found online offered as ‘cures’, such as herbal supplements and stimulant compounds. Our call staff are hearing about scams on a regular basis. We would like to remind men that it’s wise to seek advice from a doctor. Tested and proven, the medications being prescribed in 2015 are designed to work fast with fewer side effects. Of the more popular choices, Dapoxetine (marketed as Kutub, Duratia and Pentanal-30) has shown to help men create a new ‘standard sex time’ in most cases. Important – The Australian-licensed general practitioners at Viamed Australia focus on the condition and treatment of premature ejaculation treatment and prescribe only in cases they foresee benefit to the client.

So if you have a persistent problem, premature ejaculation treatment from a qualified Doctor can help. It’s important to note that, in some cases, the issue will resolve itself. It’s those men who have already tried the waiting game that can really benefit from modern medicine. Also worth noting is that change in both health and circumstance can affect our sexual performance.

Why Viamed Is the Leader in Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Men like choice, they don’t like being tied up with contracts, which was frequently the case in days past. With our Pay as You Go model, men get that choice.  The best person to decide when the time is right to stop the medicine is you the client. With Telemdicine, you can be assured of privacy without compromise to quality of service. At Viamed Australia, you receive the same PE treatment options you would from all doctors without the need to leave your home, avoiding waiting rooms and chemists.

In-Home, Licensed Medical Consultations

Our doctors remain available to you, providing support as well as facilitating changes to your prescription if required. (At no extra cost)

No Contract Required for Premature Ejaculation Treatment at Viamed Australia

We don’t believe in contracts.  Your Viamed Australia Doctor will treat you only as long as you want and need medical treatment – You can stop treatment at any time. And as ethical medical professionals, Viamed Australia Doctors take the decision to only prescribe where genuine benefit is expected. ie: if medicine inst suitable for you, or the consulting doctor believes the issue is not severe enough to warrant the use of medicine, they simply wont prescribe. (in cases such as this, no cost is incurred to you the client)

In other words, Viamed doctors are regular GPs. Only you visit with your doctor via phone or Skype (telemedicine) from the privacy of your own home. The emergence of Telemedicine is ideally timed to coincide with new advances in medicine for the purpose. This option is safe, reliable and discreet. Your treating doctors name and provided number are made available to you.

Prescriptions Sent to Your Home

Medications for PE are sent through secure, fast post, maximizing your convenience and privacy. If you have – or think you have – a problem, there is no better, get ion touch by completing the contact form with a time that suits.

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