Customer service is a happy place to work at Viamed Australia. Mostly our staff (Facilitators) will process medication reorders or arrange follow-up consultations with the assigned doctor. Every so often, they may take a request from a client to halt a program. Easy, no questions asked, no hassles.

Our doctors provide ongoing medical care and support.  This allows the Customer Service Facilitator to focus on what he / she does best – speedy assistance. For example, turnaround time for a reorder to country towns is 3 days on average. To cities, overnight shipment is possible if the reorder is made in the morning. Another winner is that reordering can be done by email. We are customer service ready at Viamed Australia and continue to look for ways to improve the service.

If you want more information, or you have already decided you would like to speak to a doctor, get in touch by completing the contact box today.