Various non branded tablet containers and blister packs.

What Tablets can I get to Help Premature Ejaculation?

A typical question the staff at Viamed Australia hear is “What tablets can I get to help premature ejaculation?” Well, the most commonly prescribed medicine at present is dapoxetine. The most common brand is Priligy, however it’s also known as other names depending on what part of the world you’re doing your Google search. It’s […]

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Bargirls, beer, cocktails and sport in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand.

Sexy Fun Long Time 4 – Thailand Bargirl Intel

What are Thai bargirls and other prostitutes really like? How’s the game played? And what is it like for Australian’s to meet and date everyday Thai girls? For answers, I reached out to Stickman, founder of Stickman Bangkok, a world-renowned blog covering all things Thai, including (and especially) the bargirl scene. After 17 years in […]

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Image of lock. Beware of premature ejaculation treatment scams

Treatment for Premature Ejaculation – Beware of Scams

When it comes to premature ejaculation fixes, here’s something you should know. There is prescribed treatment, and non-prescribed. Big difference. One is tested and approved for use; and it’s a doctor who decides if it’s going to be any good for you. The other is not regulated, a scammer’s dream. It can be confusing. Scammer’s […]

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Author Vicky Turner

10 Most Commonly Ignored Male Medical Issues: Summary

By Vicky Turner I hope that this series has gone some way to encouraging you to seek a professional opinion on any medical issue that seems to be ongoing or causes an unwavering concern. Moreover, I sincerely hope that it is apparent that visiting a doctor is not a sign of weakness, rather a demonstration […]

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Premature Ejaculation Treatment Cost, by Viamed Australia

Premature Ejaculation Treatment Cost in Australia

One of the first questions men ask when they contact Viamed Australia for premature ejaculation treatment is cost. Fair enough question. So we decided to sing them from the rooftops. But before we went ahead and made claims, we needed to do some research. With that done, we can now sing confidently. The results of […]

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Image delineating different words that represent longer lasting sex

10 Most Commonly Ignored Male Medical Issues: 10 – Longer Lasting Sex (PE)

Gentlemen! Finishing too quick in the bedroom is not unusual. If you experience this problem, know you’re not alone. One in five men suffers from this condition according to multiple sources and numerous studies. That’s not in dispute. In a lot of cases, ignoring it’s the best thing you can do. How Quick is Too […]

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Man having a headache

10 Most Commonly Ignored Male Medical Issues: 9 – Head

The majority of people suffer a head ache of some sort within their lifetime, many suffer regularly, but at what point should a head ache be deemed to need further attention? There are several types of head ache and each can have a varying level of pain and disruption to a patient’s daily activities. Migraines […]

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Senior man checking hair loss

10 Most Commonly Ignored Male Medical Issues: 8 – Hair Loss

The writer, or Viamed Australia, do not endorse any treatments for male-pattern baldness. This article contains no promotion, paid endorsement or advertising of any kind. by Vicky Turner Image consciousness is most often associated with females, but the impact of uncontrollable changes to a man’s appearance can have a great impact on his life and […]

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Senior caucasian man in suit at home with asthma inhaler to handle respiratory disorders

10 Most Commonly Ignored Male Medical Issues: 7 – Respiratory Disorders

Often mistaken as a general side effect of ageing, respiratory disorders can all too readily breed into severe medical complications that impact heavily on a sufferer’s life. We all do it constantly and the vast majority of us take it for granted, but breathing without pain or complications is a daily gift, as anyone with […]

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Older man clutches chest.

10 Most Commonly Ignored Male Medical Issues: 6 – Chest Pains

Whether it be indigestion or cardiac arrest, understanding the severity of chest pains is imperative in order to address and treat any illnesses and minimise long term damage. Chest pains can be the result of several complaints and vary greatly in severity. PubMed highlights that Non-Cardiac Chest Pain (NCCP) is often the result of oesophageal […]

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