Man clearly confused by choosing among premature ejaculation remedies

Are These Premature Ejaculation Remedies for Real?

Are you an average bloke sitting down before his computer or mobile? Been having trouble sorting out good from bad premature ejaculation treatments? Not sure what’s solid and what’s nonsense? Can’t tell who’s legit versus the ripoff artists? You’re not alone. Learning to tell the real premature ejaculation remedies – and the outfits that offer […]

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Sad woman comforted man who promises to stop premature ejaculation

Stop Premature Ejaculation to Stop Hurting HER

Recently, I posted about world-renowned sexologist and PE expert Alessandra Grazziotin’s advice to men. She said that they should tackle their premature ejaculation concerns ASAP for themselves and their relationships. On March 18, Dr. Grazziotin was back in the news in the Irish Medical Times. In that article, she explained how women are directly hurt […]

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Middle-aged Cougars Trigger Premature Ejaculation Epidemic

Let’s face it; most of us have schoolboy fantasies where unrestricted imagination takes us “places” with a hot neighbourhood older woman. What if this was a reality when you were young, let’s say 19 years while the cougar was 39? You would imagine it would have been an exciting memory to cherish for a lifetime, […]

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Steampunk chick wonders if you’ll overcome premature ejaculation

Women Are Freaks – Super Freaks! Science Proves It

I’ve got to hand it to – Writers on that site manage to pull off the craziest articles. Here’s one from Jan. 1, 2015 that I must have missed, ‘The 7 Weirdest Things That Turn Women On, According to Science’. Brother, you have no idea! But I’m going to tell you. It makes a nice […]

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Exasperated woman throws up her hands, “Stop! Get premature ejaculation treatment.”

Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am?! Get PE Treatment, Plz!

My gal-pal ‘Julie’ and I were chatting over Thai the other day. Being the Viamed Australia blogger that I am, I asked Julie if she’d ever been with a guy who’d had PE. Now, Julie is a sex-positive gal and straightforward as they come, so she spilled the beans. Yes, yes she had (though she […]

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Ex-couple in bed surprised by sex, premature ejaculation

Sex With the Ex a Premature Ejaculation Wind-Up

So what happens if you run into your ex and she wants to sleep with you again? Would you do it? Sure, you’d advise a friend not to by any means. But how about you, personally? Doesn’t a part of you secretly want to have sex with her again? After all, you two weren’t all […]

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Smilings surgeons wonder if they can fix premature ejaculation.

Would a Penis Transplant Fix Premature Ejaculation?

News of the weird and wonderful comes to us from South Africa. Surgeons in Cape Town have performed the first-ever successful penis transplant. The surgery was performed Dec. 11, 2014. To date, the patient hasn’t rejected his new penis – and it hasn’t rejected him. Could penis transplants be how Australians fix premature ejaculation in the […]

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Homeopathic tinctures that won’t cure premature ejaculation

Homeopathy Won’t Cure Premature Ejaculation – Period

Desperate men suffering from premature ejaculation too often grab onto the first liferaft that comes along. One of those is homeopathy, which promises ‘natural remedies’ to cure premature ejaculation – and just about everything else. The problem is that it’s nonsense. As if we needed more proof of that, Australia’s own National Health and Medical […]

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Israeli couple celebrates Sukkot. Last longer in bed

Orthodox Rabbi Helps Israelis Last Longer in Bed

I guess this week is International Week here at Viamed Australia. Global news in the fight for men and couples to last longer in bed keeps finding its way to me. So far, I’ve reported on a premature ejaculation treatment campaign in Ireland led by an world-renowned Italian sexologist, Iranian research on the premature ejaculation […]

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Nigerian couples being helped by premature ejaculation treatment

Premature Ejaculation Treatment Helping Marriages Worldwide

In two recent articles, I described experts’ findings about how premature ejaculation treatment can help couple’s marriages and overcome a cause of infertility. I’ve also written about how premature ejaculation is a global problem, with 30% of men suffering at any given time. Fortunately, doctors and organisations worldwide like Viamed Australia are fighting the good […]

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