Doctor prescribes premature ejaculation solutions online

Best Premature Ejaculation Solutions in Australia

When blokes call us here at Viamed Australia, some think there must be some kind of gimmick or trick. There isn’t. We don’t offer ancient natural remedies. We don’t offer ‘one-of-a-kind’ premature ejaculation solutions invented by a brilliant but maligned scientist. There’s nothing secret or special about the premature ejaculation medicine our doctors prescribe. It’s […]

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Hot woman in face scarf looking forward to Muslim sex shop in Mecca

Muslim Sex Shop Opening in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

According to an April 25 article in The Independent, Amsterdam-based El Asira is opening a ‘halal’ (Sharia-compliant) Muslim sex shop in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holiest city in Islam. That’s the city Muslims face when they pray. They’re also supposed to visit there once in their lives, a pilgrimage known as the hajj. But Mecca […]

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Two nuts symbolize testicular health, premature ejaculation symptoms

Testicular Cancer Causes Premature Ejaculation Symptoms

A 2008 meta-analysis of nearly 50 testicular cancer treatment studies found that about 1-in-3 patients developed a sexual dysfunction while having the cancer. This included men who developed premature ejaculation symptoms, as well as delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and other issues. According to the National Hospital of Denmark researchers, the causes of the premature ejaculation […]

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Chinese stripper rests on her dancing poles

Four Strippers and a Funeral

What’s the perfect complement to any man’s funeral? For some mainland Chinese families, it’s strippers. And the Chinese government isn’t happy, not at all … According to an April 23 Wall Street Journal article, China’s Ministry of Culture is working with local police to shut down these hard-working Chinese strippers, who can be found in […]

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Judge throws the book at phoney premature ejaculation treatments

Judge Power-Slams Fake Premature Ejaculation Treatment

If you haven’t seen yesterday’s news, Federal Court Judge Anthony North in Melbourne just ruled in favour of 14 plaintiffs against Advanced Medical Institute. In his opinion, the judge said that there is ‘no proper scientific evidence’ that AMI’s nasal sprays and oral strips are effective erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation treatments. I just have […]

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Frisky Egyptian art.

History of Premature Ejaculation and PE Cures

The term, ‘premature ejaculation’, wasn’t invented until the 20th century. But the condition is as old as humanity. Dr. Edna Astbury-Word wrote a fascinating history of PE and PE cures in ‘From Kama Sutra to the history, myths and management of premature ejaculation’. This article was published in a 2002 edition of Sexual and […]

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man looks in mirror, knows self-knowledge is foundation of strong relationship

Strong Relationships Begin With Self-Honesty

My good friend, a psychology professor loves to offer the following insight to his eager, young students. ‘We want strong relationships’, he says. ‘But our dating culture is to lie at the beginning, lie to impress. And then we wonder why our relationships fail.’ Good point. I wish I’d had a professor tell me this as a young […]

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Tube of ointment similar to those sold to treat premature ejaculation

Don’t Treat Premature Ejaculation With Creams

There are a thousand and one ointments and creams marketed to treat premature ejaculation. Each claims to be a unique formulation – and technically, maybe they are. But they all work the same way and usually with the same active ingredients. They numb your penis on the theory that reduced sensation will delay your ejaculation. […]

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married couple still happy and in love because of great sex life

10 Ways to Keep Your Sex Life Strong Despite Kids

Forget about premature ejaculation, delayed orgasm and erectile dysfunction – Kids ought to be classified as a sexual dysfunction of their own. And I say that lovingly. Kids are wonderful; they’re awesome. But you can’t deny that keeping a strong sex life going with kids in the house is a challenge. Anger? Check. Frustration? Check. […]

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psycho chick with heavy eye makeup and lolling mouth

10 Ways to Tell if She’s a Psycho Chick

We all try to show our best side in those early dates. It’s natural. But what happens when that beautiful girl you’ve started dating turns out to be a psycho chick? By that time, she’s got your number and email. She’s friended you and all your friends on Facebook. It’s too late. Your life went […]

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