Woman unhappy after sex.

When More Does Not Mean Better: How More Sex Can Make You Feel Miserable

When we were younger, we always assumed that the happiest people get what they want. At that point, what we wanted was sex. So we thought that in order to be happy, we just need lots of sex. But is this really the case?     Not exactly. According to researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, more […]

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Women Approaching Men on the Street

Men and Sex: Random Sex With Strangers

To all males out there, what if a pretty girl approaches you and asks you that very question? Would you say yes? What would it take for you to say no? Would you run away? This was the idea behind a viral video circulating the Internet. It’s about a lovely lady asking 100 men if […]

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Happy Senior with advice

Tips on Great Sex from Your Grandpa

I bet you haven’t thought of that idea now, have you? Asking your grandfather on how to pleasure a woman. After all, you are the young and virile guy here so you should be the expert, right? Well, not. According to a study by the Baylor University, married couples have better sex when they are together […]

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Man in love with car

Of Great Sex and Fetishes

In what seemed like a literal case of auto erotica, a man from Thailand was caught making love to a Porsche. The strange love affair took place in a parking garage somewhere in Thailand and was caught through a CCTV camera.  Seems like this guy loves his cars way too much. A person who is […]

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short business man

The Short and Long End of Being Short

Being short, as a man, has always been considered a “bad” thing, mostly because societal norms tell us that ideally a man should be tall – well, at least taller than the woman. This has caused a lot of stress on men who are shorter than their national height average. Some even say that short […]

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Man and Woman happy in bed

Millennials: More Casual Sex With Less Sexual Partners

When you think of the millennials, you automatically think of a carefree group of middle-aged individuals out enjoying life in its finest. Well, that is most certainly true. Millennials work differently than the previous generations as they don’t believe in work-play balance – mostly because they can mix play and work easily. Aside from being […]

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Unhappy couples facing off. Cartoon.

Secrets of a Happy Relationship

“Love is knowing you are the bud from which his happiness blossoms.” We want to be happy, especially when we are already sharing our lives with somebody. There is nothing we could ever wish for aside from living a happy life with our partner. Still, this happiness seems to be impossible to achieve. Looking at the […]

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Family from Struggle Street

The Real Struggle in Struggle Street

*UPDATE* This article was poised for release after the first episode of Struggle Street. The second and third episodes were since released, and there were changes in how they were perceived and how the people from Mt. Druitt responded to the documentary.   Have you heard of the latest TV Documentary from SBS entitled Struggle […]

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A couple stand reading books. Woman with cheeky grin.

Are We Ready for A New Sexual Revolution?

Men and women are totally different when it comes to sex, and that is a fact. Both parties have different ideas when it comes to what is pleasurable sex. The thing is, when they can’t find this “magic formula” in the real world, they run towards their favorite fantasy worlds to get it. They fill […]

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Experts link premature ejaculation and CBP cause by C. Trachomatis

Bacteria Causing CBP Linked to Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is caused by a lot of things including particular medical conditions. Gone are the days when people believed that premature ejaculation is a case of personal failure and accepted it as a medical condition that can be solved through proper treatment. Every day, more and more research reveals that there are a lot […]

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