Man grabs crotch in pain from wrong treat premature ejaculation method

The Wrong Way to Treat Premature Ejaculation

I’m going on a little rant now … Today, I was reading through recent Reddit posts in /r/sex, as I often do. And I ran into this post: ‘How does China Brush (Suifan’s Kwang Tze Solution) works on premature ejaculation?’ This post gets categorised under ‘horrifying’. This bloke actually smeared a Chinese mystery ointment all […]

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Woman strokes man’s ripped abs, assured he can last longer in bed

Last Longer in Bed Through Strength Exercises

Lifehacker Australia posted a brilliant article yesterday, ‘Eight (S)exercises to Boost Your Bedroom Strength’. The author, Dick Talens, offers up a fitness routine to keep you in fighting form for the bedroom so that you last longer in bed. Being that the Viamed Australia blog exists to educate men about premature ejaculation and its treatment, […]

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Man awake in bed at night from premature ejaculation worries

Premature Ejaculation Worries and Men’s Other Sex Fears

Do you stay up at night with premature ejaculation worries? Do you fear your penis is too small? Do you worry that your ‘failure’ to bring her to orgasm leaves her unsatisfied? Do you worry you’re too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too hairy or not hairy enough to turn a woman on? […]

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Man planking wants a premature ejaculation cure

Kegel Exercises No Premature Ejaculation Cure

Worldwide, about 30% of men are suffering from premature ejaculation on any given day. It’s no wonder, therefore, that many men around the globe are searching for a premature ejaculation cure. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation (and some outright lies) about what works. One of the most common misconceptions is that Kegel exercises are […]

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Man on laptop is happy he’s found good premature ejaculation advice.

Reliable, Accurate Premature Ejaculation Information

A Jan. 15, 2015, posting by University of Sheffield (U.K.) Information Specialist Andy Tattersall explores what we all know but rarely talk about: Most people search the Web first for health information, yet much of the information is ‘inaccurate, anecdotal or biased’. In Australia, 80% search the Internet first for health info, including men searching for […]

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Old fashioned shot of 3 girls on a rocket.

Stay Hard Longer and Blast Her to Space!

If premature ejaculation hits you today, what will you do next? Train to stay hard longer and keep on going, or else get your erection back fast. Use this well-known behavioural training technique. How do you become the sexual athlete you’ve always dreamt of? Practice the ‘Stop-Start Technique’, which has been recommended by doctors, psychiatrists, […]

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Smart-looking young man not afraid of premature ejaculation treatment

Smart Men Get Dapoxetine Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Many men don’t treat their PE. Some try quack cures, such as herbs and other so-called ‘natural remedies’. Smart men get medically proven, prescribed premature ejaculation treatment, such as the leading PE medication, Dapoxetine. They know there’s no reason to tolerate PE another day. What Is Dapoxetine? Dapoxetine is a pill-based medical treatment specifically developed […]

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Woman takes man’s money and he can’t keep erection

Keep Erection and Avoid Paternity Surprises

For a while, I’ve been eagerly watching the development of Vasalgel, a non-hormonal male contraceptive that’s 100% effective. It’s in animal testing now, and it’s expected to become available in 2018. Vasalgel is men’s best hope to keep erection-ready whilst banishing fears of a paternity ‘surprise’. You know how it is. You’re having sex with a […]

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Cucumber with a condom over it.

Stay Erect in Bed While Putting on a Condom

A lot of guys try to fix premature ejaculation by wearing a condom. It doesn’t work to resolve clinical premature ejaculation symptoms, but it can help the average bloke last longer by reducing penile sensitivity. However, some men find that they lose their erections whilst ‘getting dressed’. That’s hardly a help! Here are a few […]

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Doctor checking premature ejaculation symptoms

3 Significant Premature Ejaculation Symptoms

Can I get rid of my PE? If you’re like most blokes, this is the question that brought you to this website. Short answer: Yes, you can get rid of your PE. But before you look into curing PE, you should know the answer to another question first: Do you show premature ejaculation symptoms? You […]

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