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More about Viamed Australia

Our mission at Viamed Australia is to deliver a reliable and affordable service. Since 2011, our doctors have been assisting men in overcoming premature ejaculation right across Australia using scientifically tested and proven medicines. Haven’t heard of us? Well, we consider that a good thing. Viamed Australia does not engage in crude advertising tactics or make headlines for the wrong reasons.

Confidential & Convenient

Our call staff would be happy to provide free advice, or if you’re ready to get the problem fixed, a fully confidential consultation can be booked at a time that suits you. The consultation can be carried out through Skype, FaceTime or standard telephone. This is known as Telemedicine.

Complete the contact form on this page to get started or simply get some information.

Registered Australian Doctors

All doctors working for Viamed Australia are licensed and registered, easy to understand, and available to consult Australia-wide.

*Important: We advise that results from prescription medicine may vary from person to person.

Portrait picture (head shot) of Dr Ali Carleton, Perth Australia.

Dr Alison Carleton

Dr Alison Carleton addresses some common questions

about premature ejaculation.      Click Here

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